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youth acting Courses

 Set Training & Acting cLASS I&iI


Prerequisite: None

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of acting with our comprehensive class. Discover the intricacies of both stage and screen acting as you delve into essential techniques, refine your audition skills, and gain valuable industry insights. As an exciting opportunity, students can participate in a session film, providing a hands-on experience in professional acting.

Bring a notepad, highlighters, and a pen to fully engage in this dynamic exploration and unleash your undeniable talent!

 Set Training & Acting cLASS iII


Prerequisite: Submit a self-taped audition or acting reel to enter the class or have completed the beginners/intermediate Set Training & Acting Course.

(Self-tape Audition MUST be in by  or before Friday, Jan. 5th)

In our immersive acting class, students will embark on a journey into both stage and screen, where they will master the essential skills of the craft, refine their audition techniques, and gain valuable insights into the industry. As an exciting bonus, students will have the extraordinary opportunity to audition for a DBFAA film, offering them a chance to earn an IMDB credit.

To fully engage in this captivating world of acting, don't forget to bring a notepad, highlighters, and a pen as you unleash your talent and embrace the art of performance!

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