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Pre-Requisite: None

Ages: 16 to Adults

Cost: $650/8 Week Class

Ready to ignite your filmmaking potential? Our exhilarating 1-on-1 module is your gateway to unleash boundless creativity! Immerse yourself in hands-on set experience, master lighting design and cutting-edge camera techniques, and delve into the mesmerizing world of casting and production. Learn how to become a compelling storyteller, understand scene analysis, and break down scripts like a pro. From script to screen, we’ll be your ultimate guide on this thrilling journey. Seize this chance to transform your cinematic dreams into breathtaking reality!

Topics Covered:

- Storytelling Techniques  
- Script Breakdown  
- Scene Analysis  
- Character Development  
- Camera Techniques  
- Lighting Design  
- Casting Process  
- Production Planning  
- Directing Actors  
- Editing Principles  
- Set Etiquette and Workflow  
- Sound Design Basics  
- Film Marketing and Distribution 

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