Intro to Set Training & Acting Course
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Level: Beginners

Prerequisite: None

This class prepares students for our Set Training & Film advanced course.  In this course, our students learn:


  • Audition Prep- Do’s and Don’t of an audition and what casting directors expect from actors.

  • Script Analysis- Breaking down, understanding, & finding the beats in a script.

  • Emotion Techniques- Being able to tap into certain emotions and understand the reason behind your character's emotions.

  • Creating Scene Maps- Identifying keys points in a scene

  • Camera Training- Film scenes in class on camera and receive instructor notes.

  • Improv Training- Understanding the purpose of having strong improv skills and how to make your scene engaging.

  • Production Training- Students learn set etiquette and why giving the creator what they want while filming is essential. Students will understand what’s needed from them as actors while working on a film set.

    *Our students will walk away with digital footage of their filmed monologue for their reel. Monologue will be showcased at our "Movie Premiere Night."


8-week session - $440 or $55/wk

New Student Registration fee: $25

Fridays, 6p-8p

Classes Begin September 16th

YOUTH / Ages 9 - 17

8-week session - $440 or $55/wk

New Student Registration fee: $25

Wednesdays, 6p-8p

Classes Begin September 14th

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