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Kids Acting Classes

   kids acting
  Ages 5-8

Prerequisite: Little to no experience

Day(s): Saturdays

Time: 10:30am - 12pm

Cost: $400 or $50/wk + $25 Registration

Classes begin January 7th

In this class, students receive vocal and physical expression training, which will help our students to create engaging scenes. They participate in improv games that allow them to express and understand different emotions and when to use them in a scene. Our students learn how to answer interview-style questions and give an excellent introduction that will allow their personalities to shine. We help our young students become bold and creative performers.


Lessons Learned


Physical expression: Students will learn the importance of body movement. They will develop techniques that will allow them to express their character's feelings through their body movements and how to listen and react with their bodies even when their character isn’t speaking.


Vocal expression: Students will learn how to use their voice boldly, which will help create vocal variety.


Scene Study: Students will learn the importance of scene study and how to analyze a scene by asking specific questions to help them understand the theme, circumstances, motivation, and relationships to the other characters.


Improv techniques: Students will understand the importance of improv and when to use it by participating in fun and creative improv exercises that will help our students to create scenes that will help them to think outside the box.


Audition Prep & On-Camera training: Students will learn the purpose of an audition, techniques that will alleviate anxiety, how to prepare for an audition, learn what casting expects from auditioners; students will perform on camera and receive the instructor’s notes.

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