FAQ Financial Questions

Do you offer payment plans?

Parents have the choice to pay in full or have weekly payments debited from a credit card or bank account.


Do I have to have a credit card on file?

To ensure that tuition is current for every student attending DBFAA, we now require that each family who is not paying for the entire session upfront have a credit card on file with our Business Office.


What is the late fee policy?

The student cannot participate in any Dominique Becton Film & Acting Academy classes or activities until the student‘s account has been brought to a current status.


When are weekly payments due?

Tuition payments are due every Monday starting the first week of instruction. If your tuition isn’t paid by Wednesday, it will be charged to the card or bank account on file.


Is my banking information secure?

When you place a card on file with us, your information will be kept safe and secure. We will only charge your card for the amount you have authorized for weekly tuition.


What’s the purpose of the registration fee?

This fee helps offset the administrative cost of setting up your student in our class-management system.


What is the refund policy?

To cancel your enrollment in the Dominique Becton Film & Acting Academy, you must notify the Business Office via email (info@dbfaa.com) at least five days before the Monday you would like to stop attending. Please include your child's name and reason for cancellation in the email.


Do I still have to pay if my child misses a class?

If your child cannot attend any class for any reason, tuition is still due for that instruction week. 


FAQ About In-Person Classes

Does my child need any prior acting or filmmaking experience to join classes?

No prior acting experience is required to take any of the classes.


How long is the session?

Each session is eight weeks.


For the filmmaking & acting classes, how often do students meet, and how long does the course last?

Students meet twice a week in the evenings, and classes last one hour and 30 minutes. The classes start at 6 pm.


For the Little Performers class, how often do students meet, and how long does the course last?

Students meet once a week on Saturdays, and classes last one hour and 30 minutes. The course starts at 10 am.


When do students start to film?

We film approximately on the 4th or 5th week of the session on the weekends.


Are parents & guardians allowed on set?

Only one parent or guardian 18 and up is allowed on set with students.


When are the class projects shown at a movie theater?

Approximately 2-3 weeks after the session has ended.  


Is there an absence policy?

The instructor will talk to the parent if the student misses two classes during the week. If a student consistently misses classes the following week, the student will be dropped from the course.


Does DBFAA offer any make-up classes?

At this time, DBFAA doesn’t offer any make-up classes.


Do parents get a copy of student’s filmed productions?

Parents will receive a copy of filmed productions a day after the DBFAA movie night event.


FAQ About Virtual Classes

Is the curriculum the same for both In-person and virtual classes? 

No, DBPAA has slightly altered the curriculum due to students not working in person on film production. 


For the virtual classes, how often do students meet, and how long does the course last?

Students meet once a week on Saturdays, and classes last one hour and 30 minutes.


Are there virtual classes for ages 5-9 years olds? 

No, students in that age range meet in person on Saturdays.

FAQ About Covid Saftey Guidelines

LA County Department of Public Health (LACDPH) has stated in their most recent update to the Health Officer Order that customers, guests, or patrons must wear masks at all times when indoors in public settings, regardless of an individual’s vaccination status. DBFAA staff will be working hard to maintain an environment of safety for everyone who enters our facility.


Will there be contactless payments?

Yes, parents can process payments online.


Are masks required to be worn at all times in the facility and classroom?

Yes, because we are indoors, masks are required to be worn at all times while in the classroom and facility. 


Will there be social distancing in the classroom?

Yes, limited occupancy with 6ft social distancing will be enforced in each classroom. DBFAA staff will sanitize classrooms before and after class.


Will, there be temperature checks.

Yes,  but self-screening at home before attending the Service using the CDC Guidelines is encouraged.


Who should stay home?

If your child is showing signs of illness (cough, runny nose, sneezing, stomach, etc.), that child should stay home.


Can I stay in the facility while my child is inside the classroom?

To maintain a healthy and safe environment, only students and staff are allowed inside the classrooms and lobby area. No parents or outside guests will be allowed past the reception area. Staff will be present to make sure your child gets to their designated classroom safely.


Where do I pick up my child after class?

Parents can meet students on the 1st level of the facility. Students will be accompanied by staff as they for parents to arrive.


What safety protocols do you follow when students are filming?

According to the LA County Department of Public Health (LACDPH) and the California Film Commission, patrons, customers, or guests at indoor settings, venues, gatherings, and public and private businesses must wear a face mask. Depending on the cast and crew size, we must practice social distancing and get tested unless proof of the student’s complete vaccination against COVID-19 or proof from laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 within the past 90 days against COVID-19.

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