Youth  Acting Class

4-WEEK SESSION - $200 or $50/wk
New Student Registration fee: $25


Ages 9-14 / Tuesdays, 6P - 8P

Ages 15-17 / Wednesdays, 6P - 8P

Classes Begin 

August 2nd - August 24th

This class is for new and returning students who want to focus on techniques that will show them how first to identify their character's Objectives, Obstacles, and their character’s actions.


Students will learn how to create colorful backstories for their characters in this class that will help them to make BOLD & CREATIVE choices for their scenes.


This session helps prepare students for our 8-week Set Training & Acting Class starting  (Tuesday classes) 09/13/22 & (Wednesday classes) 09/14/22 .


Lessons Covered

  • Script/Beat Analysis

  • Understanding your characters world, emotions, and personality

  • Audition Prep- Do's & Don't & understanding the audition process

  • Improv exercises that relate to the lessons learned in class

Spaces are limited, so sign up now!

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