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About Our Instructors

Who is Dominique Becton?


Dominique Becton got her start on the kid's tv show “Romper Room” at six years old.  From that moment she fell in love with the entertainment industry. Dominique worked on popular ’90s television shows and movies as a child and had a wonderful experience as a child actor. While working on the set of the popular 90s hit show “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” Dominique knew at the tender age of thirteen that she wanted to work behind the scenes. 


From 2016-2019 she worked with the City of Carson, where she directed Broadway Jr. Musicals such as Lion King, Elf, Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Jungle Book, and High School Musical with a class size of over 50 kids ranging from ages 4 to 15. She takes pleasure in sewing positive seeds into her students and watching them turn into performers that are not only talented but respect everything about the craft. 


Dominique now writes and produces her own projects alongside her husband Judge Becton who is also an instructor, producer, director, and editor of her projects. They’ve been working behind the scenes in the entertainment industry for over ten years and decided to open DBFAA and share their knowledge and love for the entertainment industry with aspiring creatives looking for an opportunity to showcase their talents and go after their dreams fearlessly.

Who is Judge Becton?

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