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Adult Acting courses


Prerequisite: Students must audition or have taken and passed Set Training & Acting Course II (Audition MUST be in by Friday, April 24th)

Day(s): Monday

Time: 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Cost: $500 or $70/wk + $25 Registration

Classes begin May 1st

In this class, students not only learn techniques that help them understand the character they are playing and create backstories that help them understand their character's goals, objectives, and actions but also get a chance to be a part of a DBFAA film production and receive IMDB credit.  New students entering the academy must audition to get into this class. During the 8-week session, students will learn audition prep techniques to help them make bold and creative choices. 


Lessons Learned:

Scene/Beat Analysis: Students will clearly understand what the author wants to convey and understand the character more deeply. Students will make bold and creative choices that will move their confidence to a higher level than before. No more second-guessing your choices!


Improv: Students will clearly understand what improv is, why it’s essential in auditions, and how strong improv skills help actors act normally during abnormal situations, go with the flow, and not be stiff performers.


Audition: Students will clearly understand the purpose of an audition from the casting and the producer's point of view vs. the actor's. Students will learn how to authentically dress like their character to where it’s believable for casting. And learn techniques to follow that will help them to be aware of when they’re giving their best at every audition.

On-Camera Techniques: Students will perform the scenes that they learn in class on camera and will understand what casting wants to see when performing in front of the camera. Coach Dom will send students copies of their videos and her critiques.

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