This exciting course is for new students who want a sneak peek experience of an 8-week session class and learn unique techniques to help turn our students into confident performers. This course is also a great refresher course for working actors who want to be challenged and learn new ways to create colorful backstories for their characters, which will help them make BOLD & CREATIVE choices for their scenes.


This session helps prepare students for our 8-week Set Training & Acting Class starting in January.


Lessons Covered in the Classroom

Script Analysis- Understanding, finding, & identifying the emotions & beats in a scene.

Vocal Training-Practice techniques that will help them speak with power and clarity.


Emotion Techniques- Ask the right questions to help create engaging and compelling emotions with their bodies that will strongly impact their audience.


Camera Training- Film scenes in class on camera and receive instructor notes.


Improv Training- Learning to think outside the box when creating an unscripted scene.


3-week session - $165 or $55.00/wk

New Student Registration fee: $25

Fridays, 6p-8p

Classes Begin December 2nd

YOUTH / Ages 9 - 17

3-week session - $150 or $50.00/wk

New Student Registration fee: $25

Wednesdays, 6p-8p

Classes Begin November 30th

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